Veteran Publicist Mack Newberry Dies at 89

My Girl H -2014

Newberry represented stars including Dolly Parton, Carol Burnett and Donny and Marie Osmond along with handling publicity for the Grammys and the famed Bobby Riggs-Billie Jean King tennis showdown.

Mack Newberry, a veteran publicist who represented numerous music and TV stars and helped manage PR efforts for the Grammys, has died in St. Augustine, Fla. He was 89.

Newberry spent more than a decade at PR firm Solters Roskin Friedman, Los Angeles, where he handled publicity for such clients as Dolly Parton, Carol BurnettDonny and Marie Osmond, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, John Denver and Rita Moreno.

Newberry worked as a unit publicist on a variety of films, including My Girl and Straight Talk, and such TV series as Steven Spielberg's seaQuest. He was part of a small team that handled publicity for the Grammy Awards, and he organized the premiere event for Jim Henson's TV movie The Muppets Go Hollywood.

Before working in Hollywood, Newberry ran a PR film in Houston, where he represented the Astrodome and organized publicity for the 1973 Bobby Riggs-Billie Jean King tennis showdown.

Survivors include daughters Pattison Brennan and Juli Newman and grandchildren Christopher, Schafer and Ellie Newman.

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