VFX Group Pixomondo Shuts Down Offices in London



With an emphasis on the artistic use of visual effects, echoing the film's focus on the history of movies, the effects team incorporated a range of techniques including CG, models and stop-motion. Even with its runaway train, "the movie doesn't stop and turn into a VFX moment," says Rob Legato.

The German visual-effects house won an Oscar for its work on "Hugo."

COLOGNE, Germany – VFX Group Pixomondo, an Oscar winner for its visual-effects work on Martin Scorcese's Hugo, has shut down its operations in London, citing the need to cut costs.

The U.K. operation of the German company was at the center of Pixomondo's work on Hugo.

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The decision comes amid the struggles of other visual-effects houses, such as Rhythm & Hues, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection earlier this month. The effects house behind the CG tiger in Oscar-winning Life of Pi then hired a financial advisor to help it with the sale of the company.

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Pixomondo COO Christian Vogt said the company proved unable in the past three years to build its local businesses in London so that it could generate its own revenue.

He said the decision to close the operations, however, was not a sign that the German effects house was withdrawing from the international stage. Pixomondo also closed its Detroit facility in November.

Pixomondo worked on sequences of A Good Day to Die Hard and will handle the effects work on upcoming Tom Cruise sci-fi action film Oblivion, as well as the third season of Game of Thrones. The company will create digital dragons for the HBO fantasy series.