Viacom Reports 2.8 Percent Gender Pay Gap Across All U.K. Operations

Viacom Signage - H 2016
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Viacom Signage - H 2016

This figure rose to 33 percent when taking into account bonuses, however.

Viacom has reported a consolidated mean gender pay gap of 2.8 percent in favor of men among its U.K. operations, considerably lower than other figures reported in the industry in recent weeks, alongside the British national average of 17.4 percent.

This figure, however, rose to 33 percent when taking into account bonuses, something attributed to more men being employed in senior roles.

U.K. companies with more than 250 employees are required by law to publish annual information on their gender pay gap, with two of Viacom's seven British units — Viacom International Media Networks and Channel 5 — crossing that threshold. 

VIMN, which includes central functions such as legal and human resources, along with MTV, had a mean gender pay gap of 11.7 percent in favor of men, rising to 37.6 percent including bonuses. Channel 5, however, had a pay gap of 2.85 percent in favor of women. This swung to 21.3 percent on the side of men when including bonuses.

Viacom, which employs more than 1,000 people in Britain, reported that it had a gender-balanced U.K. workforce, with just under 50 percent of employees across its various subsidiaries and joint ventures being female. But the report showed a higher proportion of men in its higher paid roles and a higher proportion of women in its lower. 

Sky recently reported a gender pay gap of 11.5 percent; ITV, 16.4 percent; Channel 4, 28.6 percent; and Fremantle 32 percent. The BBC, which has been at the center of a growing controversy over gender pay inequality, last year reported a gap of 9 percent.