Vice Forms Partnership With the Guardian for News Content

Shane Smith - H Getty 2016
Credit: Getty / Bobby Bank

The two will work together to produce co-branded special reports to be shown across Vice's news shows.

Vice Media is enhancing its news operations, teaming up with U.K. broadsheet The Guardian on a new content partnership.

Announced Thursday, the arrangement will see a team of Guardian journalists work side-by-side with Vice News producers and development execs in Vice's London newsroom on a range of original content.

These will include co-branded special reports — to be aired across Vice's news offerings on HBO — as well as new video formats across genres and platforms that both Vice and The Guardian will develop. 

"This partnership provides a test case for the way forward in multiplatform exploitation of content," said Vice co-founder and CEO Shane Smith. "And when that content is the foremost investigative news in the business, it becomes even more imperative."

He added: "Real, fact-based, trusted news has never been more important, and this partnership, I am very excited to say, will provide just that."