Vice Media Fires Three Employees for Inappropriate Conduct

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Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

The company did not name the employees or say what they did.

Vice Media, after investigating "a handful" of complaints about employee misconduct, announced internally on Thursday that three employees have been terminated.

"The conduct of these employees ranged from verbal and sexual harassment to other behavior that is inconsistent with our policies, our values, and the way in which we believe colleagues should work together," chief human resource officer Susan Tohyama said in a memo, first reported by CNN.

Tohyama did not give any further information about the identities or conduct of the terminated employees, and pledged that the complaint and discipline process would remain confidential. She said the company used an "outside investigator" to look into the complaints already made.

She also outlined steps for Vice Media employees to make additional complaints. "I am very serious about ensuring that this company’s policies and procedures are consistent with the best practices in the HR industry," she said.

Two weeks ago, the company announced the formation a female-led advisory committee tasked with advising on ways to improve the company's culture and address persistent staff complaints. The company has also suspended Jason Mojica, the head of Vice Media’s documentary films unit.

On Nov. 15, The Daily Beast published an exposé about Vice's "unsafe and just plain dirty" culture, and employees are said to still be bracing for additional reporting on the company's culture.

"The proof that we’re turning the page and starting a new chapter lies in the changes we’ve already undertaken, the promise of the Advisory Board and its recommendations and the hard work we’ve undertaken since I’ve arrived to investigate and take action on workplace-related complaints," Tohyama wrote in the memo on Thursday.