Vice News to Launch Investigative Podcast With iHeartMedia (Exclusive)

VICE NEWS_Publicity - H 2020

Weekly series 'Vice News Reports' will launch in the fall.

Vice Media Group is prepping an investigative podcast series with the help of iHeartMedia.

The company will debut weekly series Vice News Reports this fall, it is set to reveal Wednesday during its virtual NewFronts presentation.

The podcast will feature in-depth, on-the-ground reporting on the biggest stories in the world. The half-hour show, which will feature a mix of story formats, will also dive into underreported events that don’t get covered in the 24-hour news cycle. Already on tap is a deep dive into the rise of the alt-right and a multi-part investigation into the debate about arming American teachers.

“At Vice News we provide a comprehensive look at complex news issues by reporting where others do not, and amplifying voices that are going unheard,” said ?Vice global news and entertainment president Jesse Angelo. “Audio allows us to go further; the medium lets us dive into the nuance and involve the audience in intimate ways that cannot be achieved with video. We are excited to explore this even more with Vice News Reports and iHeartRadio.”

Vice News Reports, which will be distributed on the iHeartPodcast Network, follows on the heels of audio projects including Chapo: Kingpin on Trial, Uncommitted: Iowa 2020 and The Distance: Coronavirus Dispatches, which have been released under the leadership of producing veteran Kate Osborn.

iHeartMedia offers 750 original podcasts with more than 215 million downloads each month. On Tuesday, it announced a partnership with WarnerMedia Entertainment to produce companion podcasts for HBO Max originals.

“With today’s busy schedules, listeners are always looking for engaging content, especially on global critical topics of interest,” said ?iHeartPodcast Network president Conal Byrne?. “We are excited to launch this new investigative series with Vice, keeping listeners up-to-date on the latest current events, while also uncovering untold truths in today’s tumultuous climate.”