'Vice' Star Amy Adams on Channeling Lynne Cheney and Her Rare Double Golden Globes Nom

Amy Adams - Getty - H 2018
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The actress also reveals how playing the former second lady pulled her out of a 'Sharp Objects' sunken place.

Amy Adams accomplished a rare feat, earning acting Globe and SAG Award nominations in both film (Vice) and TV (Sharp Objects). She also picked up a third Globe nomination for producing the HBO limited series.

What helped you get into character to play Lynne Cheney in Vice?

I didn't gain as much weight as Christian [Bale], so it's easy to not notice mine. Christian also lost all of his — maybe I hung on to some of my weight, I'm OK with that. It ended up probably being around 12 or 15 pounds. The weight gain was great because I felt that Lynne was somebody who was very grounded and had a lot of gravitas in the way that she walked; she was not flirty or light in any way. As I started to embrace her connection to the earth, that's when it started really clicking in.

You were a producer on Sharp Objects. Why was that important?

It was about contribution and feeling comfortable being able to make those contributions. It gave me a voice that as an actor I always was hesitant to use. It was great to get to use that voice and trust it, whether it be about casting — which I was really heavily involved in — or things like script decisions, and even if it was as simple as just making the day better for people.

Do you think these two projects have anything in common?

No. (Laughs.) The thing that was really amazing was that I moved really quickly into Vice after I finished Sharp Objects. I took a working vacation after Sharp Objects and then did reshoots on Justice League and then came back and immediately began research, hair and makeup and wardrobe for Vice. I credit working on Vice for helping pull me out of [Sharp Objects'] Camille. If I hadn't had something to focus on that felt so different, I might have had a different transition out of that character.

You'll have a tough choice on where you sit on Globes night.

It's an embarrassment of riches, so it's not something I'm going to stress about. I really love both of those groups of people, so whatever table they flip a coin and put me at I'll be grateful.

What other nominee are you looking forward to seeing?

I'm a musical fan and I love Emily Blunt [in Mary Poppins Returns]. I think I just want to corner her and kind of run around the room being like, "I'm so proud of you!" She's so impressive. I just felt like she really made it her own and made it special.

If you had an awards-season motto, what would it be?

"Eat, bring snacks." A power bar fits nicely in one of those clutches, so that's a good option. Nuts aren’t always good because they get stuck in your teeth. I learned that the hard way.        

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