Vicente Canales Launches International Sales Agency Film Factory Entertainment

Former head of Filmax's international division, Canales will launch his own sales agency at Berlin’s European Film Market.


MADRID -- One month after leaving his post as head of mini-studio Filmax's international division, Vicente Canales, announced Thursday the creation of Film Factory Entertainment, his independent Spanish international sales agency based in Barcelona.

According to Canales, Film Factory's objective is the international sale of Spanish Cinema's most important productions, working with a selective slate and choosing films with the highest international potential.

"Over the last few years the international market has seen Spanish cinema's appeal multiply, thanks to a highly talented new generation of directors and the international vision of new producers," Canales said. "They have known how to make extremely original films that have made a strong impact on the market and have reached cinema screens around the world."

Film Factory wants to establish itself in the market as a sales agent capable of taking on projects at an early stage and ensuring that these projects achieve pre-sales, focusing primarily on two main principles: genre films with young directors and groundbreaking subject matters and high-quality films with mainstream potential.

With these objectives in place, and with the idea of collaborating with Europe and Latin America's most prominent production companies, Canales looks to fill a niche in the Spanish market.

Canales will announce the titles from Film Factory's first film slate in the coming weeks, with an eye on launching the sales outfit officially in Berlin's European Film Market. Canales said he expects to handle 8-10 films per year.

Spain's largest international sales outfits -- Imagina, Latido, Filmax, etc. -- are mostly linked to production powerhouses.

"I strongly believe that there is a place in the market for a specialized, independent Spanish agent whose aim is to help consolidate this internationalization by creating closer links between the production companies and the emerging talent," Canales said.