Vicente Canales Resigns From Filmax International

Carlos Rojano will replace Canales as head of the overseas sales branch.

MADRID – Spanish sales executive Vicente Canales announced Tuesday he has resigned as head of Filmax International, the overseas sales branch of mini-studio Filmax.

Carlos Rojano, director general of business will head Filmax International, with Ivan Diaz handling international sales for Filmax, backed by sales agents Eva Gutierrez and Irene Airoldi.

Canales, who declined to give specifics about his future professional plans, leaves the Barcelona-based company after 13 years, including the launch of the sales division in 1999.

“I am very grateful to Julio and Carlos Fernandez for the great opportunity they have given me all these years and for the confidence they have always shown in me. I especially value their great international film business vision,” Canales said.

Canales’ departure comes after Filmax filed for protection from creditors in March, but the company has racked up sales in the past few months on Spanish-language titles  Agnosia, Kidnapped, REC Genesis and REC Apocolypse.

Filmax chief Julio Fernandez has said in the past that Spain’s rampant piracy and flailing distribution sector is destructive for companies and that the company would increasingly focus on its production activities.

Filmax’s English-language production slate includes Emilio Estevez-directed The Way, starring Martin Sheen, which opened strong in Spain over the weekend, to be followed by much-anticipated Jaume Balaguero’s roommate horror Sleep Tight and animated gorilla Snowflake.