Victoria Beckham Is Back to Svelte -- and So Is Her Fall Collection

The singer-turned-designer sends out another winning collection, this one with a real emphasis on the waist.

Victoria Beckman sent out her fall 2012 collection of dresses, coats and a few handbags on the New York runways Monday morning. Now we know why Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills can't keep her clothes on the floor: for women in tip top shape with light appetites, these are the most flattering dresses around. They're deceptively simple - cut to shape - and they say more about the body than a flesh-colored catsuit.

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Now, one might need to be not much bigger than Mrs. Beckham to strut in them like she does -- and the models did -- but that doesn't leave much of Hollywood celebrities out, does it? Post-baby, Beckham's clothes are even posher than before: slim jersey over the knee shifts (many with back zippers), with sporty collars, stripes at the waist and insets. Apparently, details were swiped from her son's rugby shirts. And why wouldn't there be a sporty boyish element there? David Beckham sat front and center next to Vogue's Anna Wintour. The dresses are so body conscious that it's fun to add a boy bit here and there. 

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Beckham's dresses were all chic for day and possible cocktail - and the end group was all little short black numbers with skating skirts and flat boots. But we wish there were more nighttime clothes here. Michelle Williams would wear them in a flash! No posh gowns? Maybe Mrs. B will do couture for some special clients - and friends. We have to admit, we're blown away: she's the only pop star who's ever turned serious designer. And her customers are very serious about her, too.

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