Victoria Beckham Named U.N. Goodwill Ambassador

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"Posh Spice" will work with the organization's program on HIV/AIDS

Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham has been named a U.N. goodwill ambassador for the international organization's program on HIV/AIDS.

"I'm a passionate supporter of women," she told a press conference at the U.N. building in New York on Thursday, according to the BBC. "I want to support women, I want to empower women, and I believe that everybody has the right to a healthy life."

She added: "I'm a mother, I'm a woman, I want to do whatever I can do to lend my voice, raise awareness."

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Beckham, 40, skipped the opening of her new London designer store to make the appearance, which followed Emma Watson's speech at the U.N. earlier this week.

Husband David Beckham, Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman are among the other celebrities who have served as U.N. goodwill ambassadors.

Beckham, who has also been a fashion ambassador for Britain, said a recent trip to Cape Town, South Africa, inspired her to get involved. "I was so touched by the women that I met," she said. "I felt inspired and I came home and knew I had to do something. It's taken me getting to 40 years old to realize I have a responsibility as a woman, a mother. I have a voice that people will listen to."

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