20 Times Victoria Beckham Proved She's Not a Robot

Victoria Beckham Birthday Gallery Horizontal - H 2014
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Victoria Beckham Birthday Gallery Horizontal - H 2014

Thanks to her "no smiling" rule, it can be easy to write off the former Spice Girl as cold-hearted. But when you dig a little deeper, you find that she's actually hilarious, ridiculous and charming all at once. To celebrate the designer's 41st birthday on April 17, we've rounded up 20 times she proved she's actually super cool.

She may have been the most demure and (relatively) the quietest member of the Spice Girls, but behind Victoria Beckham's signature pretty pout is actually a hilarious, intelligent and not to mention — talented — woman. With her 41st birthday on April 17, we've rounded up all the times Posh proved that killer style and humour can go hand-in-hand.

1. The time she was pulled over for reckless driving and said, "I was completely shocked and devastated because... I was wearing flat shoes." — Coming to America show, 2009

2. The time she painted her dog Coco Chanel's nails: 

3. The time she talked about Perez Hilton: "I'd spit in his food." — Coming to America show, 2009

4. The time she did this to her son: 

5. The time she got stuck: 

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6. The time she talked about her "relaxing" outfit: "Lanvin pajamas." — Vogue, 2015

7. The time she had an impromptu bathroom dance party: 

8. The time she discussed her true identity: "I'm a gay man in a woman's body." — Marie Claire interview, 2010

9. The time she did whatever is going on here: 

10. The time she got real about the Spice Girls: "We never knew what we were doing. We just made it up as we went along." — Comic Genius interview, 2009

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11. The time she tried to fit in a box: 

12. The time she revealed her true aspirations: "One day I'd like to grow up and be a singer like Mariah Carey." — Ali G interview, 1997

13. The time she asked the serious questions: 

14. The time she got real about her flaws: "I don't have a vice." — Vogue, 2015

15.  The time she showed us behind the scenes of her glamorous life: 

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16. The time she opened up about death: "I'm not scared of death. I never wear a seatbelt on a plane." — En Route to London, 2007

17. The time she proved that she's at a level of bad-ass that we can only aspire to: 

18. The time she named the ideal super power: "To be able to workout and sleep at the same time." — Vogue, 2015

19. The time she found her bike: 

20. The time she revealed her only weakness: "I can't concentrate in flat shoes." — GMTV interview, 2010