Victoria Beckham’s Daughter, Harper Seven, Sparks Twitter Frenzy

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The newborn quickly became a trending topic thanks to her famous parents and unique moniker.

Just one day after her birth, David and Victoria Beckham’s baby girl became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter.

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The fourth child and first daughter for the couple is already being heralded as a future fashion diva, as she is expected to follow in her mother’s extremely fashionable footsteps. More than that, little Harper Seven Beckham is spurring quite the reaction based on her name alone.

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Twitter users are generally split on the moniker. Between congratulations for the happy family, there are a slew of posts that applaud the unique choice, as well as many that scoff at it.

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Katie said, “Is it just me who thinks Harper Seven is quite a sweet name? It’s no worse than Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz! Congratulations @victoriabeckham.”
Lucy countered, “I’m praying Harper Seven was a reaction to the hormones and its not yet registered…”
Dean suggested, “Harper Seven is a pretty cool name, but if @victoriabeckham had just used an anagram of it instead, it would be even sharper.”
Susan said, “We should all be happy that @victoriabeckham finally has a baby girl! No matter what name it has. Congratulations!”
Several users, including Hannah, posted the joke, “Harper Seven? If she was born fifteen minutes later she’d be Kworta Eight”
Sally said, “David Beckham’s daughter’s name is Harper SEVEN Beckham. Seven… it’s like the Seinfeld episode. Really? #baffled.”

Alia gushed, “Aw, Harper Seven is the cutest name ever! And I think its so cute that seven is her middle name since that’s her daddy’s number.”
The couple has not yet made an official statement regarding the origin of their baby’s name, but it is believed that Seven is a reference not only to her dad’s famous jersey number in the U.K., but to the fact that she was born in the seventh hour (7:55 a.m.) and in the seventh month, weighing in at seven pounds, ten ounces. The number is also said to be spiritual and lucky.
On U.S. soil, Harper is widely recognized as the name of the famous American novelist, Harper Lee. Though considered a classic old English name, the Beckham’s may have also been attempting to tie their daughter to the country of her birth.
This wouldn’t be the first time the Beckhams have connected a child’s name to geography. Posh and Becks named their eldest son Brooklyn, after the city in which he was conceived.

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