Victoria Beckham Talks Launching First Skincare Product

Victoria Beckham  and Beauty Product -Split -Getty-H 2019
Karwai Tang/WireImage; Courtesy of Victoria Beckham Beauty

The singer and fashion designer debuted her Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer with skincare master Augustinus Bader on Tuesday, saying his products are "all I'm using" in her routine.

Victoria Beckham describes her new skincare product with biomedical scientist Augustinus Bader as the result of a beauty "love affair." 

During a panel on Thursday at the Violet Grey headquarters in Los Angeles, Beckham recounted how she first met Bader and developed her clean beauty line, after announcing on Tuesday the debut of her first skincare product, the Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer ($95).

The fashion designer said "fantastic facialist" Melanie Grant properly introduced her to Bader's "incredible product" in Australia last October. She also tried samples that Melanie Griffith gave to her at Eva Longoria's wedding in Mexico. Beckham explains that Bader's skincare formula "just blew me away. And it blew my husband away. We've both been using the skincare day and night." (Moderator and beauty expert Cassandra Grey jumped in, "Her husband is a soccer player. Very good skin," to which Beckham responded, "He's got very good skin.") 

After trying the product, Beckham approached her Victoria Beckham Beauty CEO and co-founder Sarah Creal to say, "'Wouldn't it be great to work with Augustinus on a rejuvenating priming moisturizer?' Something that gave you a really beautiful healthy glow, something that would be perfect to put on before we put the makeup [on]. That's how our love affair started." 

Creal told the crowd, "The really cool thing about working with Victoria Beckham, when she said that, she was like, 'I really want to do this with Augustinus Bader.' And I'm like, 'Awesome. Call him.'" Beckham then DM'ed the "genius" Bader on social media and has been working on the moisturizer since February.

The goal of Victoria Beckham Beauty was to create "a beauty brand of the future, and by that I mean a brand that really is focusing on clean formulas and sustainability, so being kind to ourselves and kind to the environment," Beckham said. She admits that she found clean beauty to be "quite confusing" as a consumer, so she wanted to set out to create responsible products she could use.

Creal recalled meeting Beckham for the first time with piles of beauty products spread out on a "Victoria Beckham-sized dining table" that the Spice Girl had collected over 15 years. "She was able to go through every single product and talk about what she liked, what she didn't, what she wanted to change," Creal said.  

Her first two beauty drops began in September with Smoky Eye Bricks ($54), Lid Lustres ($36), Satin Kajal Liners ($26), Lip Definers ($24) and Lip Tints ($34). Clean beauty has since become so ingrained in Beckham's family that her 8-year-old daughter Harper asks Mummy if her bubble bath is clean.

For Beckham, the "big dream" of her "startup" beauty brand remained skincare. "I said to Sarah, 'If we're going to do skincare, I want to do the best. And I only ever want to create anything that I want myself in my life, something I can't already find,'" she said. "What we have created together is something that we all feel is really quite groundbreaking. I can't find anything and have never found anything quite like this out there, so we're very excited about it. I'm completely obsessed." The Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer was thus a re-do of her popular Morning Aura primer, developed with Estee Lauder, but this time with a treating component through Bader's science, which Grey refers to as "smart cream, like my smart phone." 

Now the only thing Beckham uses in her skincare routine is Bader's products. "That is all I'm using," she said. "The amount of people that have claimed I use their products is quite astonishing." People even secretly snap photos inside her grocery cart to see what Posh is buying. "But the truth is I've been using Augustinus' cream since it came out," she said, including applying his "special sauce" to repair a gash on her forehead without it scarring. 

Bader added of the collaboration: "The decision to do this actually is based on the vision Victoria has. ... I have met so many women who use makeup and have destroyed skin so I think there's a real need ... to keep your skin healthy." He explained that the magic behind the product is based on the past 30 years of science, studying stem cells and how the human body repairs wounds. With his TFC8 technology, ingredients include black tea ferment and avocado oil — "nobody loves an avocado more than Victoria," Creal added.

The Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer is available online and at Violet Grey, the curated beauty shop adored by Hollywood stylists and stars (Griffith, Ellen Pompeo, Rumer Willis, Debby Ryan and Kim and Kourtney Kardashian attended the product launch party on Wednesday). 

Beckham's foray into skincare follows similar ventures by Darren Criss, Kylie Jenner, Millie Bobby BrownMiranda Kerr and Jessica Alba, while other stars including Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Drew Barrymore have their own makeup companies.