Victoria's Secret Model Adriana Lima Survives Lingerie Show Without Food or Water

Adriana Lima - Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Runway - P - 2011
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

The fourth-highest paid supermodel in the world consumes no solid food for 9 days, no water for 12 hours before the annual lingerie fashion show.

After Victoria's Secret Angel Adriana Lima revealed her excruciating exercise and diet routine (no solid food for 9 days, no water for 12 hours before the lingerie fashion show), we thought you might appreciate an update on her health. Good News: The 30-year-old mother of one is going to survive.

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The two VS tapings (4 P.M. and 8 P.M) of the show that airs on Nov. 29 went off without a hitch last night (Nov. 9). And Adriana was seen wearing some Flamenco-inspired seriously sexy lingerie. Later in the show, she amazingly managed to keep her balance with gigantic black feather wings strapped to her back.

We suspect that Adriana had some coffee or a sip of an energy drink before the runway show began because backstage she looked like she was nodding off (or passing out), while getting her hair, makeup and nails done.

Poor girl was probably too dehydrated to lift a mascara wand. All the models -- including  Miranda Kerr and Heidi Klum -- were presumably in a weakened state as evidenced by the 40-person VS Makeup Pro Team on hand. They reportedly went through 40 cans of VS hairspray, 30 bottles of lotion, tanks of bronzer, and gallons of glitter. Orlando Pita designed the voluminous wavy hair and VS Beauty expert Lauren Cosenza was in charge of the makeup SWAT team.

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But once onstage, Adriana woke up, sparkled, smiled and strutted like a good Angel should. And judging from her taut stomach muscles, all the deprivation was all worth it. After all, she is reportedly the fourth highest paid supermodel in the world. You gotta suffer to get flap your wings to those heights.

Hope she was smart enough to slowly introduce solid food apres show last night. Midnight snack, perhaps?