TV Host Denies Misrepresenting 'Let It Be' Project to David Faustino

David Faustino
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David Faustino

Former Married...With Children star David Faustino was not duped into singing "Let It Be" for the Norwegian television show Gylne Tider, says the program's Oyvind Mund.

Mund denies Faustino's claim that he was tricked into being part of the celebrity montage-turned-viral video, telling New York Magazine, "After a long and enjoyable interview with each celebrity, we asked them if they would participate in a fun music video of 'Let It Be.' Almost everyone was happy to be a part of it, as the final result shows. It was a charity version of the song, and maybe someone might have misunderstood this. "

Faustino told The Hollywood Reporter he was told the video was for charity, "They were, like, ‘We're putting this video together and it’s for charity,’ ” he says. "At least I remember I THOUGHT I was doing something good for somebody."  

The video was instead used as a promotion for the new season of the interview show.

The video in question, which includes appearances by Glenn Close, Judd Nelson and Seinfeld's Jason Alexander, has since been pulled off of YouTube at Gylne Tider's request.

Mund says, "The series uses extensive archive material from many different sources — approved only for airing on TV 2 in Norway. The 'Let It Be' element leaked to YouTube, and we asked them to take it down because of the copyright issues and also in consideration of our relations with the contributors."