Video: 'This American Life' Helps Girl Tell Boyfriend "I Love You" For First Time in Eight Years

This American Life I Love You Still - H 2015
Courtesy of This American Life

This American Life I Love You Still - H 2015

The radio show also published her boyfriend's reaction.

This American Life is starting a series called "Videos 4 U," which offers to help people who have been having trouble telling someone something. The first video is perfectly timed for Valentine's Day, featuring a woman named Maia who has been dating her boyfriend, Alex, for eight years. Neither of them had ever said "I love you" to each other, so director Bianca Giaever helped Maia say those three words, with some assistance from Toadies lead singer Vaden Todd Lewis.

The resulting video is very adorable.

This American Life produced the video, along with entertainment company m ss ng p eces. Giaever tells THR that her favorite part of directing the video was giving Maia the script for the first time and watching her smile with recognition.

In case the first video wasn't enough to pull you into the lovey-dovey spirit of this week's Hallmark holiday, This American Life also posted a video of Alex watching the "I Love You" short. His reaction is cute to see, but the best part is definitely the range of emotions displayed on Maia's face as she sneaks glances at him and blushes while anxiously awaiting his response.

If you got a little misty-eyed by the last few seconds of the reaction clip, you're not the only one. "I actually cried at the end of it, really unexpectedly," admits Giaever. "Maybe I was more invested in them saying 'I love you' by the end than they were."

The "Videos 4 U" producers are collecting ideas for future messages at the email