Anonymous Millionaire Hiding Cash in L.A., Tweeting Clues to Locations (Video)

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The mystery man — a real estate developer who has been hiding envelopes stuffed with cash in various locations around San Francisco and Los Angeles — next plans to take his good deeds to New York.

An anonymous millionaire is hiding cash all around Los Angeles and using a Twitter account to reveal clues to the locations.

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The mystery man -- who operates under the handle @HiddenCash -- stuffs envelopes with $20 and $100 bills and hides them in various locations, using his Twitter account to post clues such as this one:

He has been doing the same thing in and around San Francisco and told KCBS in Los Angeles that he happened to be in L.A. for a few days and decided to bring his philanthropic efforts to the City of Angels. The man, who works as a real estate developer, said he had made money off a recent real estate investment and wanted to pay it forward. He also has said he plans to do similar money drops in New York.

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“This thing is really taking off, the hidden cash," he told KCBS. "Initially this was just a small, local San Francisco story and it’s just gone global worldwide. So it’s great timing that I’m gonna be in L.A. for the next three days, and I want to do some drops here and get the city excited about finding money and just the idea about giving back."

Local resident Ken Dellinger found the first envelope in L.A. — it contained $250 — and he tweeted out this message:

Another "drop" is scheduled for Thursday afternoon in L.A., according to the @HiddenCash Twitter feed, which noted that the plan is for $1,000 to be given away Thursday.

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Watch KCBS' interview with the mystery millionaire below.