VIDEO: Antoine Dodson Sings 'Chimney Intruder' on 'Lopez Tonight'

The "Bed Intruder" star capitalizes on his viral fame with a new auto-tuned video.

Antoine Dodson, who rose to viral internet fame after Next New Networks created the "Bed Intruder" mashup, has released a new video.

Dodson's "Chimney Intruder" premiered on TBS' Lopez Tonight Tuesday.

In the clip, Dodson, who is auto-tuned again, sings, "He's climbing in your chimneys, snatching your cookies up, trying to eat them, so yawl need to hide your gifts, hide your trees… and hide yo egg nog, cuz he's taking everything up in here."

Lopez jokes on his website that it's sure to become an "instant classic."

The “Bed Intruder Song” has been streamed more than 54 million times on YouTube.

According to a report, YouTube is in talks to buy Next New Networks, which is also behind viral hits like "Double Rainbow" and "Auto-Tune the News."