Arnold Schwarzenegger Recalls His Iconic Movie Lines With Jimmy Fallon (Video)


The action star screamed, "Let's get to the chopper!" during a QVC video skit before telling viewers: "I'll be back."

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jimmy Fallon were cooking up a storm on Monday night with some of the actor's most beloved movie lines.

The former governor of California tested his acting chops during a video skit with The Tonight Show host when the pair mocked the popular home shopping network, QVC.

"When I see a product I really love, I really get into it, I get behind it, I want it to be successful and to sell it -- that's just me," Schwarzenegger told Fallon, who quipped: "Last night you seemed really into one product in particular."

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"Now We're Cookin' With Zach Striker" starred Fallon -- in a shaggy blonde wig -- as the host and Schwarzenegger playing himself as a famous foodie. The pair presented a Vitamix blender and a "Slap Chop" slicer and dicer. 

As Fallon tried to sell the skills of his fabulous blender, action star Schwarzenegger got increasingly agitated and kept yelling, "Let's get to the chopper!" -- an imitation of his iconic line from the 1987 sci-fi hit Predator

In the end, Schwarzenegger lost his cool, flipping over the table full of fruit before promising, "I'll be back!" 

See the video below.

Earlier in the show, the Sabotage star told Fallon about his new fundraising mission, which involves running things over in a giant tank. "This is the actual tank I drove in the Austrian army when I was 18 years old," explained Schwarzenegger, who recently asked the army if he could get it back. "Now we are using it for fundraising, as I am very passionate about after school programs."

He went on to recall an unfortunate incident when he was in the army and challenged another tank driver to a race down a hill, getting to the bottom before remembering he had the whole infantry holding on to the tank, screaming and trying desperately not to fall off. 

Fallon's next guest, Carson Daly, not only celebrated both their blossoming careers but also gave a shout-out to The Hollywood Reporter. The new host of the Orange Room on the Today show said he learned about Fallon winning the hosting job on The Tonight Show from his mother. "My mom should work for The Hollywood Reporter!" he exclaimed. 

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Over on ABC, Jennifer Connelly appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where she talked about the biblical disaster movie Noah and revealed her own brush with danger in the depths of a volcano. 



Earlier in the broadcast, Kimmel revealed how badly he was doing in his March Madness bracket. 

"If you are doing well -- it's an accident. There have been so many upsets," he said. "My bracket isn’t just busted. It’s cold busted. I’m in the ESPN tournament challenge -- in the celebrity category. I’m 41st place, which is second to last. I’m just behind Gary Coleman, and he’s been dead for four years."

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