Aziz Ansari Talks Madison Square Garden Show Prep, Compares His Girlfriend to 'Salad' (Video)

Wesley Mann
Aziz Ansari

The idea of performing soon at the iconic NYC arena is "very insane and amazing," the "Parks and Rec" star tells Billboard.

Actor-comedian Aziz Ansari has experienced plenty of career highlights in recent years, from landing the role as Tom on Parks and Recreation to filming four comedy specials. But one moment that just might top them all is an upcoming performance at Madison Square Garden.

Ansari is currently finalizing details to perform at the iconic venue in the near future, leading him to reflect on how far he's come. "There is something very insane and amazing about starting stand-up in New York City at the lowest rung -- open-mic spots -- and then many years later, going to the other utmost, utmost extreme of playing Madison Square Garden," Ansari told Billboard. "I felt a sense of that when I did Carnegie Hall, but Madison Square Garden is another level."

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Nothing in the comedian's life is off-limits in his stand-up routines, including his current relationship with his girlfriend of nine months. "I met her years ago when she was seeing someone," he said of his girlfriend, whom he doesn't name. "I thought she was really cool. Then I ran into her randomly, and she was single."

Ansari admits that he has "kind of settled down" since the first time he met her. "I was the guy eating Skittles and having lots of fun. And then I was like, 'I need a nice nutritious salad' -- she's the salad."

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