Beyonce and Jay Z Release Wacky, Star-Studded Faux Trailer Promoting Their Tour (Video)

Ray Amati/Getty Images

The dynamic duo promotes their upcoming "On the Run" tour with a video starring Sean Penn, Blake Lively, Emmy Rossum and more.

It’s saying something that Beyonce and Jay Z’s new video, "Run", the star-studded faux trailer promotion for their upcoming On the Run tour, is only the second wackiest clip to emerge from their camp recently.

On the same evening when Saturday Night Live expertly mocked the now infamous Solange-attacks-Hova elevator tape with Jay Pharoah, newcomer Sasheer Zamata, old standby Kenan Thompson as the arch-browed bald bodyguard and Bobby Moynihan as the disgraced security guard who sold the tape to TMZ, Jay and Bey chose to unveil their latest -- as Pharoah's Jigga puts it -- “sexually aggressive music video about our monogamous relationship.” Maya Rudolph’s preening reprise of Queen Bey was just the icing on the cake.

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“I remember one time you told me, when the shit gets bigger than the cat, get rid of the cat. I didn’t know what you were talking about, until right now,” says a somber-faced Jay Z, paraphrasing John Ford’s The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance to Sean Penn in the coming attraction for a movie rated R (for Rocnation) that features the pair as Bonnie and Clyde-style bank robbers in a big-budget, explosion-laded Hollywood blockbuster.

The almost-four-minute clip, directed by frequent collaborator Melina Matsoukas, co-stars Don Cheadle (“Are you hustling me?” he asks Jay Z), Emmy Rossum as a cop on a ‘70s action TV show giving chase to Bey, Blake Lively as Beyonce’s disbelieving pal (“I can’t lose you!”), Jake Gyllenhaal's wild-eyed Harvey Keitel-style sidekick, Guillermo Diaz as a nasty drug-dealer type straight out of his previous role in Weeds and Rashida and Kidada Jones, standing in a police lineup with Queen B. There’s even a shot of Jay Z and his gal on a motorcycle, no doubt an homage to Kimye’s “Bound.”

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“Trouble is, I like barbecues,” drawls Jay Z after Penn solemnly warns him about “the leaves on the trees burning on a high level.”

“Cliche, cliche, cliche,” coos Beyonce at the close, just so we know they’re kidding.

The duo’s 18-date On the Run tour begins on June 25 in Miami’s Sun Life Stadium, with two dates at L.A.’s Rose Bowl -- August 2 and 3 -- before closing out with a pair at San Francisco’s AT&T Park on August 5 and 6.