Go Behind the Scenes With Beyonce's Stylists (Video)

Beyonce Concert Wardrobe Ty Hunter - H 2014

Beyonce Concert Wardrobe Ty Hunter - H 2014

Ty Hunter and Raquel Smith offer an insider look at Queen B's tour concert costumes -- and here's five things we learned about her outfits.

When it comes to Beyonce's concert costumes for The Mrs. Carter Show tour, we can't help but stop everything to gawk over all the jaw-dropping designer duds. Thanks to a video uploaded on Beyonce's official YouTube account, the pop star's stylists Ty Hunter and Raquel Smith dish on each lavish look.

Here's five things we learned from Hunter and Smith.

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1. When Beyonce wants a new concert wardrobe, her stylists are charged with contacting designers. What's the most important aspect about creating a look for Queen B? It has to allow her to dance, according to Smith. (Natch.)

2. With about five Versace pieces designed for Bey, a team from the Milan fashion house is also required backstage. According to Versace's Tarek, he says the white sequined-clad dress required about 3,000 hours to make.

3. The famous Versace opening jacket -- featuring the words "Bow Down" and the number 4 -- is made with "all Swarvroski crystals, metal panels, leather, sheer panels in black-and-white," according to Hunter.

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4. Vrettos Vrettakos, who designed her glittery blue jumpsuit, also made a similar look with polka dots. All Hunter had to do was "hit him up": "'Vrettos, she wants one in polka dots. Do you think you can do it?' And he did." The outfit also comes with matching heels, thanks to Stuart Weitzman.

5. What's Hunter's favorite look on the pop star? A fun fringe number with animal print designed by Emilio Pucci. "It's the attitude, that old James Brown attitude on the show, and kind of takes you back," says Hunter. "I love fringe dresses."

Bonus fun fact: The infamous nipple costume was created by New York-based design team The Blonds.

See the rest of Bey's outfits, below.