British Magicians Videobomb Live News Report (Video)

Sky News, Young & Strange

The duo performed an illusionist trick behind a Sky News reporter outside London's Houses of Parliament.

Live television is fertile ground for unforeseen happenings and off-script activity, but rarely are they expected in the relatively mundane world of U.K. politics.

But British illusionist duo Young & Strange transformed a Sky News live report on medical reforms from outside London’s Houses of Parliament into an eye-opening display of magic.

As Sky News correspondent Ashish Joshi spoke to the camera earlier this week about Prime Minister David Cameron’s plans for the National Health Service, the pair arrived in the background and performed a trick that saw one appear to be squashed on a table to a fraction of his size.

Given that the clip is racking up the views on YouTube and has generated buzz across social media and in the British press, Sky News might want to consider employing the pair.

See the clip of the magic stunt below.