Super Bowl: Bud Light Commercial Features Wild Night, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Minka Kelly (Video)

The beermaker's big-game spot shows a normal guy having a crazy evening.

While teasers were released last week, the latest Bud Light Super Bowl commercial was revealed in its entirety on Friday, and it promises to be one wild ride! 

The hidden camera-style commercial opens with a normal looking guy in a bar being approached by a beautiful girl -- drinking a Bud Light, of course -- who sets the stage for adventure from the outset by asking: "If I give you this [beer] are you up for whatever happens next?"

Suddenly the voiceover reveals, "Three seconds ago we gave Ian Rappaport a choice, Ian is not an actor -- he has no idea what is going to happen next."

With a behind-the-scenes film crew following their antics, our shell-shocked hero is soon flying around New York City in a Hummer limo filled with bachelorettes while rapping with Reggie Watts, before getting a surprise introduction to Minka Kelly. The former Friday Night Lights star gives him a Hollywood makeover before the party really gets weird.

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Entering a swanky elevator is Don Cheadle, leading a llama called Lily on a leash, as a girl identical to Ian's date gets on at the next floor. "Twins?" he marvels. "This is a bizarre night."

Proving that good things do come in pairs, the next party is all twins -- much to Ian's delight -- and more madness ensues when he goes head-to-head with Arnold Schwarzenegger in ping pong.

"Prepare to be crushed in tiny tennis," taunts the Terminator star, who looks more like a '70s Wimbledon champ with a long wig and headband, as he makes Ian drop to the floor for push-ups. "That's not a bad shot for my little princess!" leers Schwarzenegger.

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When the game-winning shot is made, the side wall dramatically drops to reveal a bustling club scene and One Republic taking center stage.

"Bud Light -- the perfect beer for whatever happens," boasts the ad (hashtag #UpForWhatever), as Ian really does have the night of his life!

Requiring intricate planning to pull off, the makers of the commercial reportedly gave another man the same experience but opted to lead with Ian because of his anything goes personality. 

Bud Light is hosting a floating party venue throughout Super Bowl weekend on a 45,655-ton Norwegian Getaway cruise ship docked on Manhattan's West Side.