Cameron Diaz Introduces Her "Go-To Glam Squad"

Robin Fredriksz, Cameron Diaz and Lona Vigi
Austin Hargrave

For the red carpet, Diaz says it begins with the dress, then "these two go away and get inspired and come back with something perfect to complete the look." She adds: "We've lived together, we travel together, we go on vacations together … our days on set are 12 hours minimum, so it's important to spend it with people who are fun. I wouldn't want to be surrounded by any two other women with sharp objects in their hands. Hot, sharp objects coming at my face."

The 'Annie' actress has been working with makeup artist Lona Vigi and hairsylist Robin Fredriksz for over 12 years

"I don't even know how many films we have done together," admits actress Cameron Diaz while sitting down with her go-to makeup artist, Lona Vigi, and hairstylist, Robin Fredriksz, for THR's Beauty Issue.

Diaz first met Vigi when the makeup artist was recommended to her for the production of 2002's The Sweetest Thing. Fredriksz started working with Diaz during Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

"That was it, the two of them became my go-to glam squad," says the Annie star.

Besides movies, Fredriksz and Vigi also work to get Diaz red-carpet ready for premieres and awards shows.

"It's always an equation for every red carpet," explains the 42-year-old actress. "Once we have a dress, then these two go off of the inspiration of that dress and then these two try to complete the look, together."

Although Diaz implicitly trusts her team, she does admit that there is one thing she will never allow Fredriksz to do: "She always wants to put hair extension in my hair and I never let her."

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