Cannes: Viral Video Reveals the Underwater Trash Heap Just Off the Croisette

Cannes Croisette - H 2015

Cannes Croisette - H 2015

The online video, which has already been viewed nearly 3 million times, shows an underwater junk pile beneath Cannes' pristine waters.

If you think that too much partying at the Cannes Film Festival may be bad for your health, try swimming in the beautiful Mediterranean waters just off the Croisette.
A viral video posted on April 13 by 37-year-old local diver Laurent Lombard revealed a slew of detritus lining the sea bottom a few hundred meters from the beaches of Cannes.
Already viewed close to 3 million times since it appeared on Lombard's Facebook page, the minute-long underwater shot captures the mass of plastic bottles, food containers and other scraps of junk resting just beneath the surface. If you look close enough, you may even see a few press kits for Grace of Monaco down there. A suitable resting place, some would argue, for last year's Cannes Festival opener starring Nicole Kidman, which critics tried to bury as soon as it appeared.
Reacting to the bad publicity caused by the video, the Cannes Mayor's Office announced a campaign to clean up the bay, with professionals and volunteers lending a hand to fish out garbage in the 300-meter area stretching out from the Croisette.
Lombard reacted with another photo showing yet more trash amassed underwater, this time nearby the famous Palm Beach Casino across the bay from the festival palace.
With only three weeks left until the fest officially kicks off, there's obviously more cleaning to be done. Hopefully Cannes will be able to tidy things up in time, and the only trash left over will be among the attendees of the parties themselves.
Check out the video below: 

A quelques centaines de mètres des plus beaux palaces Cannois...tout va bien, la mer est propre..!

Posted by Laurent Lombard on Monday, 13 April 2015