Carlos Santana Talks 'Corazon' and Reuniting With Original Band For 'Santana IV' (Video)

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Album includes collaborations with Miguel, Gloria Estefan and Juanes, as well as his son Salvador and wife Cindy.

Ahead of his new Corazon album, due May 6, Carlos Santana sat down for a video interview with Billboard to discuss the new album, saying, "The goal was to make a Supernatural type of CD, with special, soulful guests [and] with that kind of vibration of el barrio." 

Forty years after their third studio album, Santana III, the original members of Santana - who performed a legendary set at Woodstock 1969  – are reuniting to record Santana IV.

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"We're doing 'Santana IV' 'cause we stopped at 'III.' We went into the studio [and] we [did] some vocals. We are going to record some more," Santana tells Billboard. "To be in the same studio as Greg Rolie, Michael Shrieve and Michael Carabello… it's really incredible to make that circle complete."

Aside from the group's studio reunion, Carlos Santana is prepping for the release of his upcoming album, Corazón. "The goal was to make a Supernatural type of CD, with special, soulful guests [and] with that kind of vibration of el barrio… I love that we resonate with the street. If you have street credibility, then it's really happening."

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"The songs would come first. The songs would be like glass slippers and then you look for Cinderfella or Cinderella," he says of the recording process.

Corazón is a celebraiton of Latin heritage and its musical influence, with guests as Miguel, Gloria Estefan, Juanes and more.

In December, Santana went back to his hometown of Guadalajara in Jalisco, Mexico, for a special concert. The show, Corazón, Live from Mexico: Live It To Believe It – at which Santana performed majority of Corazón alongside the album's featured guests – will be broadcast on HBO Latino and HBO Latin America tomorrow (5/3) at 8:00 p.m. ET/7:00 p.m. CT.

Says Carios: "It felt like the energy was all pointing towards Guadalajara. The whipped cream and the cherry on top was my son Salvador playing keyboard and Cindy, my wife, playing drums."

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