Chinese Film's Box-Office Performance Boosted by Viral Pop Song (Video)

The song "Little Apple" has people flocking to see the move "Old Boys: The Way of the Dragon."

The comedy, which has made $30 million so far, is benefiting hugely from the Chopsticks Brothers' hit song "Little Apple," which is spreading like wildfire on Chinese social media.

A viral hit song by the Chinese pop group Chopstick Brothers is helping to sell tickets for a film that also stars and is directed by the musical duo, reports state broadcaster CCTV.

Old Boys: The Way of the Dragon has amassed over $30 million at the Chinese box office and continues to pick up steam, helped in large measure by the infectious Chopsticks Brothers song "Little Apple," which has gone from being viral on social media to mainstream in China. 
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CCTV reports that the song, which came out in late May, is being played everywhere in China at the moment and is proving so popular that people are buying tickets to see Old Boys on the strength of it. 
"The song 'Little Apple' is so popular. After hearing it, it's like I'm brainwashed by the song. So I came to see the film," a cinemagoer told CCTV. 
Another one said: "It's a good story. But the reason I'm here at the cinema is the song 'Little Apple.' "
Old Boys is a sentimental and comedic tale of a hapless pair of amateur Chinese musicians —Chopsticks Brothers — who finally make it big. The film originally began life as a 43-minute micro movie online in 2010, but after 75 million hits it became a big-screen feature, backed by Chinese video company Youku Tudou. 

See "Little Apple" by Chopsticks Brothers below. 

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