VIDEO: Christine O'Donnell Gets Ambushed by Canadian Comic

Canuck satirical TV show confronts Tea Party standard-bearer at Delaware polling station

TORONTO – A Canadian news parody show ambushed Republican U.S. Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell Tuesday.


Mary Walsh, a veteran Canadian comic with This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Canada's The Daily Show, button-holed O'Donnell at a Delaware polling station Tuesday.

Posing as a reporter for a Canadian TV station, Walsh yelled at the Tea Party-backed candidate: "I just wanted to say good luck from Canada, and to suggest perhaps you need your own constitution with a first amendment that guarantees the separation between your thought and speech."

O'Donnell and her handlers attempted to steer clear of Walsh's microphone, but not before the Canadian comic called out: "Miss O'Donnell, the Canadian press is saying you're so dense that light bends around you. Do you have any reaction to that?"

A video of the This Hour Has 22 Minutes ambush instantly went viral Tuesday after it went to the Internet.

Mark Mullane, a field producer with This Hour Has 22 Minutes, said O'Donnell's security detail and local cops thwarted earlier efforts to punk the Delaware politician.

But Mullane said the Canadian TV crew got lucky when they turned up at the Cab Calloway High School polling station in Wilmington early Tuesday and found O'Donnell emerging from her campaign Winnebago without her usual security detail.

"Well, they can't surround her (O'Donnell) with security when that's all it is, publicly making your vote in a free and democratic process," Walsh said.

The comic has become a household name in Canada for ambushing the high and mighty, from U.S. politician Sarah Palin during a 2009 book tour to a host of Canadian prime ministers.

But Walsh insisted the political ambush, with an accompanying TV crew and a microphone in hand, is becoming increasingly difficult when politicians and their handlers insist on total control of their message and their surroundings

"Everyone is protected from the fifth estate, and the people of the Tea Party movement believe that the fifth estate is their enemy," she said.

This Hour Has 22 Minutes, a long-running Canadian satirical TV show, is produced by DHX Media.

Despite her Tea Party buzz, Christine O'Donnell went on to lose her U.S. Senate bid to Democrat Chris Coons.