VIDEO: CNN Told to Leave Sarah Palin Book Signing After Asking Two Questions

Crew claims one of her staffers put a hand over their camera lens at tightly controlled event in Iowa after they asked about her plans to run for president.

A CNN crew says it was asked to leave a Sarah Palin book signing Thursday in Iowa after asking the politician/reality star/author two questions, including whether she was close to announcing her candidacy for president.

Palin was at a Walmart in northern Iowa signing copies of her new book, America by Heart, when CNN reporter Jim Acosta decided to ask Palin a question.

"Are you any closer to an announcement on running for president?" he asked at which time the background music stopped playing, and he proceeded to repeat the question.

"Uh, am I doing interviews?" replied the former Alaska governor and current star of TLC's reality show Sarah Palin's Alaska. "I thought I got to talk to the nice people. And where's our music and where's our good enthusiasm?"

Acosta posed the question a third time, to which Palin responded: "Not any closer. No."

The reporter then asked a question about former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney's comments on Wednesday's Tonight Show With Jay Leno, on which addressed her decision to resign her governor's post.

"It's hard to imagine a circumstance where I would quit," Romney told Leno.

But Palin -- who resigned last year amid charges of ethics violations over a legal dispute with a state trooper who had been married to her sister, before an investigation cleared her -- responded only by saying, "Oh, he probably had different conditions."

At this point, CNN claims, it was told that "our allotted time to cover the event was up." The crew does admit that the event was tightly controlled and that media were escorted in three at a time. Customers also were not allowed cell phones or cameras.

Still, the crew says that "one of her handlers put a hand in front of our camera" after Acosta's second question. Check out CNN's video of the incident below.