Watch Coco Rocha Teach Seth Meyers How to Pose


The late-night TV host gets schooled in modeling

Coco Rocha, known for her modeling expertise, is passing along some of that knowledge to Late Night host Seth Meyers. While appearing on his show on Tuesday evening, the supermodel gave him a few lessons on how to pose.

The mom-to-be, who announced her pregnancy with husband James Conran last month, has recently released the coffee-table tome Study of Pose, featuring 1,000 different ways to twist and turn your bod. And of course Meyers wanted to give these moves a try, including poses (with made-up names) such as the "sexy jump to grab the last apple" and "the gym's not really working."

"This is serious stuff, guys," joked Rocha before the audience members started yelling out page numbers that represented different postures. "We made [the poses] numbers so people like you would give them names!"

See if Meyers has what it takes to be a model below.