VIDEO: Conan O'Brien Makes Surprise Appearance on 'Lopez Tonight'


Conan O'Brien made a surprise appearance on George Lopez's Lopez Tonight on Wednesday night. (Watch the video below.)

O'Brien, whose new 11 p.m. show Conan debuts Monday on TBS, spoke in his "native" tongues to the delight of the audience.

"I don't know if people are aware of this, but Spanish is my native tongue and I would like -- it's how I -- do you mind?," O'Brien asked the audience.

The duo then went into a bit where Lopez and O'Brien had a conversation in Spanish. Some of O'Brien's choice phrases: "My fig has 8 bathrooms and my wrist has sex." and "We hope that the boat has more dog eyes in the future."

O'Brien then began speaking in German with Lopez.

Earlier, Lopez welcomed the former Tonight Show host to TBS and to basic cable.

"It's thrilling, basic cable," O'Brien joked. "Wow, this is ... I never heard basic cable get shrieks of excitement."

Lopez Tonight will follow Conan at midnight.