VIDEO: Daniel Radcliffe Declares 'I Am Harry Potter'

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has made a confession.

He's actually his big-screen doppelganger.

"No, I am Harry," Radcliffe responds when the interviewer asks for clarification. Shouldn't be a surprise, eh? The guy spent a decade of his life playing the boy wizard. The 21-year-old actor also references split realities at one point in the "interview," which according to him, we all live in.

And as far as Radcliffe's concerned, Quidditch is a real sport.

So, what does Harry do now that he's defeated all the bad guys?

"Kind of chills out a lot. And, you know, I talk to women. And tell them I'm Harry. And see where that gets me," Harry/Dan explains.

So who is better: Dan, the character, or Harry?

Check out the interview below:

I Am Harry Potter from Daniel Radcliffe