VIDEO: Danny Elfman, Self-declared Geek, On His '25th Anniversary Music Box' with Tim Burton

Oscar-winning composer chats with THR about creating the ultimate box set comprising his work with one of Hollywood's most celebrated directors.

Danny Elfman is a lifelong geek and proud of it, he tells THR in a new interview. The Oscar-winning composer, who celebrates 25 years of collaboration with director Tim Burton, marked by the December release of Danny Elfman & Tim Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box, explains the meticulous, time-consuming task of combing through decades of material, from the demo phase to the screen. While sometimes painful, by his own admission, the resulting product is nothing short of spectacular: a functioning music box containing 16 CDs, a weighty hardbound book, a DVD and a moving zoetrope, among other doodads (some contained on a skeleton key USB drive). 

Check out the video to learn about what was involved in creating the ultimate box set, which sells for $499, and to hear about the next phase in Danny's career: the upcoming Houdini Broadway show starring Hugh Jackman.