David Spade Makes a Surprise Appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' (Video)

The "Rules of Engagement" star posed as a new employee on Jimmy Kimmel's talk show.

Jimmy Kimmel had a new staff member on Monday, and the rookie employee was a familiar face for many viewers.

"Please welcome our new segment producer, David S.," said the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host as the camera panned to David Spade standing on the side of the stage.

"Hello, Daddy!" gushed the Rules of Engagement star as a welcome. "Jimmy finally ran out of underqualified relatives to hire, so he asked me to produce the guest interviews."

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"I hear you did a pre-interview with Julie Bowen," said Kimmel as they panned to a "backstage" segment with the Modern Family actress. 

"I am the segment producer," said Spade, in character. "Were you on TV?" marveled Bowen.

"Not recently…I get Brad Pitt a lot, from my mom.

"You're so great…what do you want to talk about? This isn't poopy humor, is it?" Spade went on to jibe. Then he offerred Bowen some advice. "Don't flirt too hard, don’t throw yourself at him, don’t be a whore -- this is tough love. He's a guy, and you're a marginally attractive woman," he brashly told the Emmy winner. 

Watch the video below:

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