VIDEO: 'Days of Our Lives' Called Out for Outrageous Product Placement

"It's like a million flavors exploding in your mouth!" star Alison Sweeney gushes about Chex Mix.

Days of Our Lives has been featuring over-the-top product placement in recent episodes.

In one, Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) goes on a picnic and gushes about Chex Mix, which her date has never heard of. "Are you serious? Have you been living under a rock?" she asks. "It's so good. You have to try it. It's like a million flavors exploding in your mouth!" RELATED: 'Days of Our Lives' photo book.

The two end up wrestling over the snack mix, and she accidentally spills salad dressing over his shirt as a result. "Now you can have them," he says.

In another clip, as pointed out by Yahoo! TV, Melanie (Molly Burnett) cradles a box of Cheerios and tells a study partner, Nathan (Mark Hapka), "It's not just for breakfast. They have whole grain, and only one gram of sugar, which is excellent for swimsuit season."

The scene also goes on for several minutes.

In a third clip, which, according to online comments occurred shortly after Sweeney's character shot E.J., Sami is comforted by frozen Wanchai Ferry Chinese food.

"I made some for the kids earlier. They just couldn't get enough of it… They wanted seconds!" says a restaurant owner, who is trying to make Sami feel better.

"I'm really glad to hear they have an appetite," Sami solemnly says of her kids. RELATED: 'Days' book reviews.

Over the weekend, the Twitter hashtag "soap opera product placement" went viral.

Soap operas have struggled in recent years, with Guiding Light ending in 2009 after 72 years on air and the cancellation of As the World Turns. But earlier this month, Days was renewed for two more years -- with a licensing fee cut of 40% that was put in place two years ago.

“This is a time of a lot of uncertainty in the soap community,” Days' executive producer Ken Corday said.