Watch: Dov Charney's Naked Employee Striptease Caught on Tape (Video)

The ousted American Apparel founder rocked out with his, uh, pants off in front of some female employees once. And someone caught it on camera in a very NSFW way.

The hits just keep on coming for Dov Charney, American Apparel's founder and former board chairman who officially got fired on Wednesday for running his company into the ground. In addition to his apparent lack of business savvy (the company's stock is worth less than a dollar per share), Charney has also famously committed his share of perverted and vile acts (some "allegedly," of course). And now, a new video has surfaced of the East L.A. resident having a little pants off dance off in front of some female employees. 

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The video, first posted and confirmed authentic by Gawker, shows the business man in a jubilant mood, dancing freely while making a phone call in a roomful of female employees. 

The video is totally not safe for work (nor is it safe for those of us who don't want to see Dov Charney in all of his manly glory). Watch below, if you dare. 


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