Drake Lint Rolls at the NBA Playoffs (Video)

Started from the bottom now he's there -- lint rolling his pants, courtside.

While sitting courtside at Game 2 of the NBA playoff game between the Toronto Raptors and Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday, Drake decided to tend to his presumably filthy pants with a lint roller -- yes, a lint roller.

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The Toronto-born rapper was caught on camera, focused on cleaning his black pants during the first quarter of the game. Clearly, it has easily become the GIF of the day. Drake even joined in on the joke, posting an Instagram with a caption that read: "Lint rollers on deck." Because that's what we all carry to a basketball game, of course.

As a front-row regular at Raptors games, the 27-year-old hip-hop star was named the franchise's "Global Ambassador" last fall.

Now we wonder, will he bring a lint remover to the ESPYs, which he's set to host on July 16? We'll be "on deck" to see.

Watch Drake do his thing below.