Drone Equipped With Camera Flies Into Fireworks Show, Footage Goes Viral (Video)


A videographer strapped a GoPro camera onto a drone to get some incredible close-ups. His video has been viewed nearly 6.5 million times.

A videographer got a really up-close look at a fireworks display by strapping a GoPro camera onto a drone, and the video he shot has gone viral.

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Titled Inside the Explosion, the video has been watched nearly 6.5 million times on YouTube since it was uploaded May 13.

The videographer was able to get some incredible close-ups. He reportedly used a DJI Phantom 2 drone, which costs about $1,300, while the camera runs about $300. However, both managed to escape any damage while flying directly into the display.

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As The Hollywood Reporter recently reported, unmanned drones carrying cameras are being used overseas on movie shoots, including The Expendables 3. In the U.S., federal law prohibits the commercial use of unmanned aircraft — in filming or for any other purpose — though supporters say they are safer and less costly to use.