ESPN Promo Unites World Cup Fans With 'Global Issues' (Video)


In the run up to the rapidly-approaching World Cup kickoff on June 12, ESPN is celebrating both the pleasure and pain of fandom in a new ad, along with showcasing a series of graphic posters by Brazilian artist Cristiano Siqueira.

ESPN is gearing up for the 2014 FIFA World Cup by launching both a hilarious new promo video and a series of cool soccer posters on Friday. 

Titled Global Issues, the 30-second ad reveals how fans across the globe are united in the stress and anticipation of the upcoming tournament in Brazil from June 12 to July 13.

The spot catches sound bites as people go about their everyday lives while praising the ball skills of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or Tim Howard for the U.S. national team.

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"Nobody can beat Italy, Argentina, France..." people tell co-workers, taxi drivers and even a dentist, proving that no matter where you are or what you are doing, everyone is talking about, thinking about and dreaming about the World Cup.

Ending with the tagline, "Every Four Years," the spot was filmed mainly in New York City but stars a cast of international real-life fans, including a German butcher as he's hacking up a chunk of meat.

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"If we go to penalties, we are doomed," says one somber and realistic English fan as he rides an elevator with a long-suffering friend. 

Watch the video below:

In another colorful move, ESPN also debuted eight of its 32 World Cup-themed posters by Brazilian artist Cristiano Siqueira.

The artwork was created by the graphic designer especially for the tournament and features bright images of some of the key players for Argentina, Belgium, France, Italy, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Portugal and Spain, with more being released over the coming weeks. 

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ESPN will air all 64 matches of the World Cup live on ESPN, ESPN 2 and ABC, beginning with the opening match on June 12, Brazil vs. Croatia at 3:30 p.m. EST.

In the lead-up to kickoff, ESPN Films' documentary series 30 for 30 has been premiering a collection of Soccer Stories, telling some of the darker and lesser-known tales related to the world's most popular sport.