'Frozen' Plot Holes and Soundtrack Mocked in Honest Trailer (Video)

"Frozen" Honest Trailer

The hit web series pokes fun at its first animated film, "from the studio that finally learned how to make Pixar movies...and the wickedly talented Adele Dazeem!"

Frozen has had fans and the film industry raving nonstop about the Oscar-winning flick, while a couple of conservative radio hosts recently discussed how the animated tale indoctrinates homosexuality and bestiality.

But Screen Junkies released on Tuesday its Honest Trailer for "the feature-length music video for 'Let It Go'" that's "from the studio that finally learned how to make Pixar movies" and starring "the wickedly talented Adele Dazeem!"

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The latest installment from the viral mock trailer web series notes that "it's been three years since the last Disney musical [Tangled] and 18 years since the last good Disney musical [Pocahontas]," but this film "teaches girls everywhere they don't need a prince to rescue them because all men are disgusting loners, greedy murderers, or lying manipulative, power-hungry sociopaths. Happy now, Jezebel?"

Besides highlighting the completely parallel teams of good and evil in the film, the trailer reveals a few honest lyrics for each song on the soundtrack, complete with new titles: "the exposition song, the song that sounds like it's from Wicked, the romantic duet, the other romantic duet, the anthropomorphic sidekick's comic-relief song, the one you skip, the one you don't know the words to, and the YOLO song."

And Idina Menzel -- billed as Adele Dazeem after John Travolta's mispronounciation of her name at the Oscars -- plays Elsa, a character described to have confusing powers like "snow-blasting, dress-making, castle-building and ... creating life? They kind of gloss over that one."

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This is the first time Honest Trailers has tackled an animated film, as the series usually pokes fun at action films or epics like Thor and Thor: The Dark World, 300, Man of Steel, The Hobbit and many others. But the YouTube channel also hosts videos for Grown Ups, Home Alone, Les Miserables, Titanic and The Notebook, and made its foray into TV with a trailer for Breaking Bad last year.

Watch the Honest Trailer for Frozen below:

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