'Video Game High School' Final Season Trailer Teases Big Laughs, Even Bigger Effects

Courtesy of Rocket Jump
'Video Game High School'

The gaming ends Oct. 13

Freddie Wong plans to end his YouTube series with a bang. 

The trailer for the third and final season of Video Game High School promises to be the most action-packed season yet.

The series, set in a fictional world where video gaming is the biggest competitive sport in the world, picks up in the halls of elite gaming academy Video Game High School, where competitive gamer Brian D (Josh Blaylock) is gearing up for a showdown against Napalm Energy Drink High School. But rivalries, relationships and tragedy threaten Brian and his group of friends.  

The trailer, which teases explosions, car chases and even a CGI dragon, tips its hat to popular video game genres, including car-racing games, adventure quests and first-person shooters. The final VGHS season will also feature a number of celebrity cameos, including Conan O'Brien

Wong, co-creator of Rocket Jump Studios along with Matt Arnold, is known for his effects-heavy style. He broke a web-series crowdfunding record in February when he raised more than $900,000 on Indiegogo to finance the third season of VGHS. In total, RocketJump, which has more than 6 million subscribers, videos have accumulated more than 1 billion views.

VGHS is produced by Rocket Jump Studios and Collective Digital Studio. 

The final season debuts Oct. 13 on YouTube. 

Sept. 4, 11:44 a.m. This story has been corrected to reflect that the RocketJump YouTube channel has more than 1 billion total views. THR regrets the error. 

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