'Gang Related' Promo: Ryan Deals With Fallout of Arresting Javier (Exclusive Video)


In a video released exclusively to THR, the crime drama's cast reveals that major changes are afoot following Javier's arrest: "What happens when you take the head off of a monster?"

Tensions are rising between Javier and Ryan on Fox's summer drama series Gang Related, and The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at this week's new episode, "La Luz Verde." 

On the show, Ryan has arrested Javier, the man who helped raise him. Things are about to change dramatically for the series' core characters.

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"[Javier is] going to be put on trial — his life's going to be exposed," says Rey Gallegos (Carlos) in the promo. "All those secrets that were kept are going to come out. And now it's a matter of, what happens when you take the head off of a monster? What do the other appendages do?"

In the episode, Cassius tells Ryan that newly imprisoned Javier is going to now have to rely on his mole more than ever before. In another scene, Ryan is shown having a tense conversation with Carlos.

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"Everyone in the family thinks [Ryan] flipped on him," says Ramon Rodriguez (Ryan). "Ryan basically has no friends or family at that point." Adds Cliff Curtis (Javier) about Carlos causing Javier to question Ryan's loyalty: "[Javier's] doubt is not that Ryan has turned against him, but his doubt is that his judgment about Ryan could be wrong."

Gang Related airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Fox. 

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