George Lucas: 'I'm Investing in Disney Because That's My Retirement Fund' (Video)

The filmmaker's net worth reportedly was in excess of $3 billion before the Disney deal.

Why did George Lucas decide to sell off his life's work -- the Lucasfilm company and the rights it holds to every last Jawa, droid and Wookiee in the Star Wars universe -- for $4.05 billion to Disney? According to Lucas, it was to ensure himself a comfortable retirement.

The comment comes about four minutes into an announcement video made by Lucas and Disney chairman Robert Iger, in which the director stands before a blue velvet curtain, explaining the thinking behind the sale of his company and his retirement.

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"I'm completely confident that Disney will take good care of the franchise I've built," Lucas says. "At the same time, for me, I look at it as I'm investing in Disney, because that's my retirement fund."

Needless to say, the 68-year-old Lucas has little to worry about when it comes to retiring comfortably. In September 2012, Forbes estimated the filmmaker's net worth to be $3.3 billion. The deal with Disney will increase that sum significantly, as Lucas is thought to own all or most of Lucasfilm.