Glenn Beck Watches 'Noah,' Continues to Bash the Movie: 'It Is Awful' (Video)

UPDATED: Three days after saying he hopes the film is a "massive failure," the radio host calls the movie "strongly anti-human" and says Noah has "no redeeming value."

Glenn Beck delivered a mea culpa of sorts over his proclamation Friday that he wouldn't see Noah because it amounted to "dangerous disinformation," and on Monday he told his audience he saw the film and thought it was lousy, but not the anti-religious environmentalist propaganda he had presumed. 

"I actually felt like kind of a dirt-ball basing my review on something I hadn't seen, on somebody else's review," Beck said Monday. "That's what people do to me. They don't listen, they don't watch."

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Beck said that after he ripped into Noah last week based on a review in The Hollywood Reporter, a Paramount executive set up a screening for him.

"Everybody at Paramount was unbelievably gracious. I would love to be able to come and report that the movie is great, but I can't. It is awful. But not for the reasons the reviewer said on Friday. It is awful for a hundred other reasons," Beck told his audience Monday.

While on Friday he said he hoped the film would be "a massive failure" because it distorts the Bible's story of Noah and its meaning, on Monday he didn't seem to think the movie had that sort of power because it is so laughably bad.

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"I believe it is not a Godless climate-change movie. It's more like Sinbad the Sailor meets Shining and Friday the 13th with a sprinkle of Mad Max," Beck said Monday.

"The only time he prays is when he's thinking of killing his whole family," Beck says of the Noah character. He joked the film should have been called, "Noah in the Babylonian Chainsaw Massacre."

He said he and his guests mocked the film and giggled at it during the screening and that he felt bad doing so in front of Paramount executives. He also spent an uncomfortable 20 minutes after the film with them. 

"If you're looking for a biblical movie, this definitely is not it. I don't think it's an environmental thing as much as it's just so pro-animal and anti-human, and I mean strongly anti-human," said Beck. "There's no redeeming value in Noah. None. He hates people. I'm sorry, no prophet of God hates people. ... Noah is wrong about everything."

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He also predicted, though, that "it will probably make a lot of money, because it will be like a car wreck."

Beck's radio show is heard by an estimated 10 million people, and when he told them last week that they should not support Noah because it distorts the Bible's message, it clearly struck a nerve with some Paramount executives, especially after video of Beck hit the Drudge Report and went viral.

Noah is a hotly debated topic in the faith-based community that often complains that Hollywood rarely makes religious films nowadays and prefers, in fact, to ridicule those who take their faith seriously. Paramount responded to Beck and other critics last week by pointing out various Christian leaders who enjoyed the film and are recommending it, including former ambassador to the Vatican Raymond Flynn, who has raved about the movie.

Paramount also responded on Monday by noting the existence of a featurette featuring several religious leaders discussing, and praising, the film. Video of Beck on Monday is below.

Noah, directed by Darren Aronofsky and starring Russell Crowe, opens Friday.


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