VIDEO: Guider talks movie marketing at ShoWest


The Hollywood Reporter's editor Elizabeth Guider sat down for an exclusive interview at ShoWest with marketers Mark Zoradi, Rob Moore, Jeff Blake and Adam Fogelson to talk about how to turn around a movie's disappointing results.

When asked if marketers can do anything to save an underperforming movie between Friday night and Saturday, Zoradi said: "Friday's numbers (are) one thing, but on some movies you really do need to see Saturday's, too, especially if it's a family related movie."

Said Moore: "People have so much information going into the opening day that there is nothing you can do in 24 hours to undo everything they have learned and know. Word-of-mouth can definitely give you a boost, though."

"When people ask what this industry is like, I describe it as the world's largest spectator sport," Fogelson said.