Gwen Stefani Wants to Be Reincarnated as Her Hairstylist

Gwen Stefani and Danilo
Ramona Rosales

Fifteen years ago, Stefani, who was wearing pink cornrows at the time (she had just finished shooting the video "Ex-Girlfriend" for No Doubt), met rock-star hairstylist Danilo: "It was backstage at a Vivienne Westwood show in New York City — the first fashion show I'd ever been to — and Danilo was doing the hair," Stefani tells THR. "Afterward, I begged to have him flown in for our 'Simple Kind of Life' video. He gave me this really big pink afro and I've been addicted to him ever since."

If you looked like her, wouldn't you?

When it comes to having the picture-perfect red pout, no one pulls off the look better than Gwen Stefani. The same can also be said about her camera-ready hairdos (especially with those black-dyed tips as of late), thanks to her longtime hairstylist, Danilo, whom she met when attending her first-ever fashion week show years ago.

"Danilo was doing the hair and that's when I met him, and he was already a rock star," recalls Stefani, who graces one of The Hollywood Reporter's Beauty Issue covers with her go-to hairstylist, of meeting him at a Vivienne Westwood presentation. "At that time, it was a big deal to spend money on a rock-star dresser. We flew him in from New York and we did the 'Simple Kind of Life' video and he did this really big pink afro. I was addicted to him ever since."

Not only have they grown inseparable, the duo even share a similar style, as they appeared on THR's cover shoot in matching yet unplanned black-and-white ensembles. "We do feel each other, we're in sync with each other," says Danilo in between posing with The Voice coach, who donned a polka dot Alexandre Vautheir gown with Christian Louboutin pumps.

"He's so in my life. I would have never dreamed of knowing someone like Danilo. One day in my reincarnation, I'm going to be you," says Stefani jokingly to her hair guru. 

And, as if speaking on behalf of a million other women in this world, Danilo responds with a laugh: "And I'll be you."

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