How Emmy Rossum Depends on Monique Lhuillier as Her Stylist

Mike Rosenthal

The actress wore a Lhuillier-designed dress to this year's Vanity Fair Oscar party.

"Emmy knows her style," says Monique Lhuillier, who was recently named one of THR's top 25 red-carpet designers, of actress Emmy Rossum. "She is a fashion girl and she knows what looks great on her."

"I don't work with a stylist," admits Rossum. "So I am always front row at her show."

Both the designer and the Shameless actress chose Rossum's nude-colored, calf-length dress that she wore to the Vanity Fair Oscar party earlier this year as their favorite red-carpet look.  

Lhuillier, who has a fashion house in Los Angeles, describes Rossum's style as "believable," adding, "you know these looks exist in her closet." Rossum jokes: "They do, after I steal them."

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