Viral Video Imagines Elmo Getting Fired Over PBS Budget Cuts

"But Elmo's only real talent is being Elmo."

A viral online video imagines lovable Sesame Street character Elmo getting fired due to budget cuts to PBS.

The video shows an unseen man delivering the news to Elmo in a nondescript room. Elmo doesn't take the news well, complaining that he's worked at Sesame Street for 32 years. He also wonders what's going to happen to his medical insurance, given that he has a preexisting condition.

"Elmo, the Trump administration is getting all arts and education funding from the new Congressional budget," says the man.

Elmo responds by saying, "But Elmo's rent just went up!" and "But Elmo hasn't been unemployed since the '80s!" He then sadly adds, "Elmo's only real talent is being Elmo."

The man suggests Elmo take pictures with tourists in New York's Times Square for his next job. And when Elmo still doesn't understand, the man suggests he contact President Donald Trump.

"Donald Grump?" Elmo asks.

Elmo isn't the only Sesame Street character laid off in the scenario, the man mentions Cookie Monster and Telly have also been let go.

Trump's proposed budget seeks to eliminate funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which helps fund PBS.

The video, which so far has 11 million views, ends with a prompt to support PBS. Watch below.


Elmo Gets FIRED

Due to cuts in funding to PBS, our favorite furry monster is out of work. Featuring #ParodyElmo performed by Jeremy Olenski! Written by Adam Bozarth and Alex Firer.

Posted by What's Trending on Friday, March 17, 2017